Create an Irresistible Company Culture That Curbs Hunger and Employee Turnover

admin by: Jonathan Shapiro, Chief Snack Officer

Talent. It’s waiting behind every Indeed resume for you to snatch it from a competitor’s grasp. But you won’t woo (or retain) rainmakers, headliners, and prodigies without a robust company culture.

Job seekers aren’t prey anymore, thanks to seriously low unemployment; they’re the hunters. What they want is a place that offers more than a desk, chair, and paycheck. Their expectation is to find rich soil to bury their roots and grow professionally and personally. And if you’re not offering them something to entice them to stay, they’ll move along.

Put another way, stars are akin to high-performance cars. Give them sips of regular gas, and you’ll get subpar results. Treat them to a diet of premium fuel, though, and their engines will respond accordingly.

Knowing this, you have two choices: Do nothing or do something. Obviously, the latter is preferred.

What a Healthy Corporate Culture Looks Like

All companies have cultures; they simply come with the territory. Whenever groups get together, they generate their own rhythms and nuances. So how do you ensure you get a “Walden” instead of a “Lord of the Flies” environment? First, you do your research.

One executive survey noted that no fewer than nine out of 10 corporate leaders agree that having a strong culture was essential. Sadly, only 15 percent were satisfied with their business’s cultural state. This shows a great disconnect between what could be and what is — and that’s a prime area for opportunity.

Another study showed that employees working at offices with toxic cultures ended up costing their employers around $300 billion annually. Again, this showcases just how critical it is to get a handle on culture for the sake of your corporate coffers. Without employee productivity buoyed by a healthy working backdrop, no company can survive forever.

Moving past the research phase, you can start to look at the reasons to make changes. Talent recruitment and retention absolutely tops the list. So does improved brand identity. For instance, is it “cool” to work at your company? Awesome corporate cultures act like magnets for people who love the idea of having a stellar employer on their resume and LinkedIn profile.

For this reason, many companies are moving into swanky co-working spaces like WeWork rather than leasing a less-pricey spot. Why? Those startups realize that even something as seemingly innocuous as cucumber-lemon water dispensers or upscale sound-proof phone booths makes the difference between a worker who’s in it to win it and one who’s just biding time.

Feed the Mind, the Body, and the Culture

How does food play into this culture-elevating equation? On average, people spend more than 50 percent of their days — sometimes evenings, too — at work. That’s a lot of time sitting. And getting hungry.

Companies can supply their workers with a motivator in the form of food, but not just any food. A 24-pack of Lay’s potato chips makes many employees think of stale bologna sandwiches and soggy school lunches. Instead, food that plays a role in developing office culture involves a more strategic investment.

We’ve already touched upon the need to create an irresistible “it” factor. Break-your-teeth granola bars don’t fit into that mix. What you need is food that gets everyone excited. When new WorkPerks snacks are delivered to our clients’ offices, heads pop up from behind cubbies like meerkats. Why? They know that the snacks aren’t run-of-the-mill. They’re unique. And that’s appealing.

Aside from the yumminess of the snacks and the coolness of having novel noshing options, WorkPerks facilitates bonds between colleagues. Two coworkers eating Amsterdam stroopwafel may begin to talk about traveling. One has been to Holland; the other is going there soon. The first person gives tourist advice to the second, and a rapport develops over the stroopwafel-y goodness. It’s real, it’s honest, and it’s essential to forming friendships that go deeper than “Can you make me a copy of this report?”

Fill Bellies and Nourish the Workplace Ambiance

Launching a snack service may be the easiest way to bring about a change in your corporate culture. WorkPerks offers easy, flexible setup to conveniently start bringing better, wholesome, interesting foods to your team members. From that point, account management for every new delivery takes about 10 seconds — all you have to do is take the display of snacks out of the box.

Feeling like your office could use a bolt of energy? Tired of losing talented people left and right? Shake up your surroundings for the better by promoting wellness and positivity. Your bottom line will thank you.