Could Landing Your Next Big Deal Be as Easy as Sending Clients Snacks?

admin by: Jonathan Shapiro, Chief Snack Officer

While I didn’t pay much attention in statistics class (sorry, Mrs. Blanco), it’s easy for anyone to understand that from a business perspective, the more people you meet, the more sales opportunities you have — and the more chances there are to make money.

Networking in a contemporary, tech-heavy world isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, though.

Despite being able to connect online with practically anyone on the planet, those connections aren’t typically real or memorable. That glossy business card you passed out at the Chamber of Commerce event last week? It’s a start, but don’t depend on it to bump up your quarterly figures. Made an influential pal on LinkedIn? A canned message won’t move the needle toward a signed contract.

What separates the wheat from the chaff in our competitive global marketplace? Unforgettable, authentic moments that can’t be faked. In other words, you can’t sit back and wait for clients to come to you; you need to drive ongoing interactions to stay top of mind. And the more unique the touchpoints are, the better the results will be.

Recharge Your Networking With Culinary Cleverness

Where do people spend the bulk of their days (and sometimes nights)? At the office. And how many people have ever felt “hangry” at work? Literally everyone.

While there are plenty of ways to build relationships, it’s hard to beat bonding over a thoughtful box of curated artisan snacks. After all, people with sated appetites tend to be more open to buying what you’re offering. Some of the biggest deals in history were even done over a meal — or a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie if you’re working the L.A. crowd.

A custom-branded box of nutritious, satisfying treats gives you the chance to add some old-fashioned gifting into your sales technique, and sending meaningful workplace relevant gifts to clients will make them feel appreciated — and, more importantly, keep your company top of mind.

Not just any gift will do, though. Your clients likely don’t want another coffee mug or a tin of popcorn. Think about the last time you received gifts — which one stood out the most? Was it the unique and memorable one that you truly had a use for? Or the generic gift that, while pleasant, ended up in the closet (or, in this case, the back of the pantry) the next day?

Generate More Money With Munchies

At WorkPerks, we aim to solve this problem by offering a client gifting service that can be enjoyed by anyone in an office. So instead of playing a guessing game trying to predict what type of wine your clients drink (or whether they’re drinkers at all), you can simply send a box of healthy office snacks that the entire office can enjoy.

We often have customers tell us that sending the snack gift boxes to clients was the only relationship-building effort they attempted, and that alone helped them get repeat business from various customers. So while the snacks might have expiration dates, the good memories and moments they generate stay alive long after the wrappers have hit the recycling bin.

Gift-giving should be a year-round project — not something that’s done at the last minute around the holidays. When you surprise your clients with gifts just to say thank you, they’ll not only appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but they’ll also remember your name.