5 Ways to Master the Art of Client Relationships

admin by: Jonathan Shapiro, Chief Snack Officer

Establishing and maintaining relationships with key clients is the cornerstone of long-term sales success. As consumers grow increasingly tired of being inundated with stale e-mail campaigns and bothersome phone calls, they are more likely to be pleasantly surprised when they are the beneficiary of creative outreach efforts. Below are five effective ways to master the art of client relationships.

1) Introduce a monthly or quarterly “Client Spotlight”

Featuring a client spotlight in your company newsletter or social media feed is a strategy that benefits you and your clients. It builds goodwill between you, the client, and the community, while also helping to promote the client’s services. Here are a few items to include as you feature each client:

• The client’s industry specialty or primary areas of focus
• The length of time you and the client have worked together
• Any fun facts about the client, such as a unique company nickname or mascot

Remember to seek permission from your clients before showcasing any details about their organization. While the overwhelming majority of clients will welcome the positive attention, some clients may prefer to remain anonymous. If the latter is the case, you can offer an alternative expression of appreciation, such as one of the measures below.

2) Delight their taste buds with an artisan snack box

Employing culinary cleverness is an effective and memorable way to show your clients that you value them. If your clients are like most working Americans, they get hungry at the office and would welcome a collection of gourmet snacks prepared by culinary experts from across the country. If you are familiar with your client’s favorite snacks, you can include them along with a personalized message for your client. Here are a few advantages to sending your clients a WorkPerks artisan snack box:

• You can add your company’s logo and branding to the snack box
• A streamlined setup allows you to put your client gifting process on auto-pilot
• You can customize the food that is included in the snack box
• Your clients will enjoy the welcome surprise of receiving a box of delicious all-natural snacks at the office

3) Ask clients how you can better meet their needs

Asking your clients for their feedback is a productive strategy on multiple fronts. In addition to showing your clients you value their input, you can end up with receiving some feedback and constructive criticism that could help you improve your operations. You can request client feedback formally through a survey or informally during a phone conversation or face to face meeting. Because it can sometimes be challenging to elicit survey feedback from clients, you can increase the likelihood that they will respond by offering one of the following incentives:

• A 25% discount on the client’s next order
• A WorkPerks artisan snack gift box
• Access to a gated piece of valuable content
• A gift card for your products or services

4) Host an annual virtual event on social media

Hosting a virtual event on social media is a fun, affordable way to remain connected with your clients. You can select the date, invite your clients through your favorite social media platform, and then create an enticing collection of prizes and incentives for participating. Unlike live gatherings, virtual events allow invitees to participate regardless of their geographical location. Below are a few ideas to spice up your virtual event:

• Invite local thought leaders and industry experts to participate in panel discussions
• Address a new industry-related topic in each virtual event, focusing on topics that are hot topics of concern
• Offer a new creative theme for each event. Examples include a list of industry dos and don’ts and industry trends for the upcoming year

5) Recognize your clients for their achievements

Using this strategy to build relationships will require you to follow your clients on social media or remain in regular contact with a representative of their organization. When you notice that a client has won an award or been recognized for serving your local community, you can share the news online through your social media site or simply contact the client to congratulate him or her on their accomplishments.

The Bottom Line

There are many creative ways to bolster the quality of your relationships with your clients. By minimizing your focus on dated marketing strategies such as e-blasts and paid advertising, you can adopt a more creative, pro-active approach to engaging with your clients. Your clients will feel valued, accomplished, and the end result is higher rates of client satisfaction and increased client retention.